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Research Committee on Diabetes and Exercise

Research Committee on Diabetes and Exercise

It is commonly known that one of the pathophysiological characteristics of diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes, is insulin resistance. Exercise reduces the incidence of diabetes and prevents the development of diabetic micro and macrovascular complications by improving insulin resistance and thus blood glucose control. In fact, whether in cross-sectional or cohort studies, or in interventional studies, continuous exercise not only reduced the incidence of Type 2 diabetes, but was also found to improve blood glucose control (reduced HbA1c).

Nevertheless, clinical trials concerning diabetes and exercise are very sparse in comparison with those for drug therapy and diet therapy. Especially, there are almost none for diabetes patients with complications. Thus, fitness conditioning in accordance with the severity of the complications is largely a matter of trial and error. Under these circumstances, our investigative research team would like to carry out clinical research concerning exercise therapy for diabetes, and based on the evidence obtained, would like to establish a practical fitness-conditioning program with the aim of preventing and treating diabetes, and inhibiting the development of complications.

Plan for each fiscal year

Fiscal 2007: We are planning to carry out a survey concerning the state of implementation of exercise therapy targeting the Board Members of the Japan Diabetes Society. In addition, we will send a similar questionnaire to related medical institutions and diabetes patients nationwide for this research. Furthermore, we will prepare several types of fitness conditioning programs, as well as instructions, and run them for three to six months on a trial basis in fiscal 2007.

Fiscal 2008: We will continue the exercise program on a full-scale basis and conduct a detailed study. We will report the preliminary results to the Board of Directors of the Society and convene a public symposium.

Fiscal 2009: We will submit the Organizing Committee Report to the Journal of the Japan Diabetes Society, and in addition to reporting the current situation concerning exercise therapy for diabetes to Society members, we will present the fitness conditioning programs based on scientific evidence to diabetes patients.

Update: October 18, 2012