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Chugoku Shikoku

Chugoku Shikoku Chapter


The Chugoku Shikoku Chapter consists of the five prefectures of the Chugoku region and the four prefectures of the Shikoku region. Bordered on the north by the Sanin area along the Japan Sea, on the south by the Pacific Ocean in Kochi, and embracing the Inland Sea between, the Chugoku Shikoku Chapter has a different geographical environment from the other chapters. The number of members continues to increase steadily, and has already passed 1,700. The number of abstracts submitted to the regional meeting, held annually in the fall, increases every year, providing encouraging evidence of the healthy growth of the chapter. The Chugoku Shikoku Chapter conducts very unique research, much of which is highly acclaimed. The chapter will continue seeking to further intensify its activities in order to play a major role in advancing diabetes medical care and research in Japan.


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