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Kanto Koshinetsu

Kanto Koshinetsu Chapter

Message from the Head of the Kanto Koshinetsu Chapter

Yoshihito Atsumi
Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital, Diabetes & Endocrinology
Saiseikai Diabetes Center for Clinical Research, Tokyo

My name is Yoshihito Atsumi, and I work with Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital. Since April 2009, I have been serving as the Head of the Kanto Koshinetsu Chapter of the Japan Diabetes Society. When the previous leader, Takashi Kadowaki, took office as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society in May 2008, I was recommended to the office, and I was recognized as Head at the council and general meetings of the Kanto Koshinetsu Chapter in January 2009.

Today, the Japan Diabetes Society must take prompt and effective steps to deal with the continuing spread of diabetes in Japan, and with the various problems that arise from its complications. Many of the more than 5,000 members of the Kanto Koshinetsu Chapter are making broad contributions, from basic research to clinical practice, to solve the issues faced by the JDS as a whole. I will do my best to encourage even more members to bring their wide-ranging talents to bear in order to enhance the activities of our Chapter.

I also aim to serve as a bridge between the Kanto Koshinetsu Chapter and the JDS headquarters, working to obtain the cooperation of leaders there in meeting the needs and resolving the issues of the region. I hope I may count on the support of all of our members.



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